Wholesale FAQ

How do I set up an online wholesale account?

Contact Sensi Products at orders@sensiproducts.com. We will get your account set up and provide you with a login. This will be your dispensaries login and other people on your team can use it to place an order.

When can I place an order?

You can place an order anytime of night or day. Its 24/7 access.

How do I change my order once it has already placed it?

Login to your account, go to Dashboard, go to Orders. Click on the order and edit.

What happens after I place an order?

Our fulfillment team starts processing your order right away. We’ll get back to you generally within 24hrs to confirm and begin scheduling of the delivery.

How do I let Sensi know about special delivery requirements?

Please use the “Notes” text box at the bottom of the order to let us know about any special needs you may have. Or email orders@sensiproducts.com with details.

How long does it take for delivery once I place an order?

Delivery times vary depending on your location and the date you place the order. Typically, we strive to deliver within 4 business days. If your location is more remote, we may need to gather a few more orders to that area. This helps us keep costs down and is better for the planet.

How often do you deliver to my area?  

To ensure your order is included in the delivery to your desired region, please submit your order a minimum of 48-hours in advance. Example:  for delivery to San Francisco on Thursday the order must be received by noon on Tuesday, or for delivery to Long Beach on Tuesday the order must be received by noon on the previous Friday.

For a dedicated rush delivery there is a fee of $75 

Please call or text: 408-908-0958, or email orders@sensiproducts.com


Monday:  San Jose, Peninsula

Tuesday: Sacramento, Modesto, Central Valley

Wednesday: Oakland, East Bay

Thursday: Santa Rosa, San Francisco

Friday: Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz

Central Coast

Tuesday to Thursday – 1x per month


Monday: Los Angeles

Tuesday: Santa Ana, Long Beach, San Diego

Wednesday: Greater Los Angeles

Thursday: San Fernando Valley

Friday: Palm Springs, Desert

If my dispensary starts using a Distribution license, how do I remove the excise tax?

Email us at orders@sensiproducts.com and we will update your account.

How do I edit the delivery or billing address?

Login to your account, go to Dashboard, go to Address, and you’ll see an edit icon.

For other questions, please contact us at 408-908-0958 and/or email orders@sensiproducts.com